A deeply personal embodiment..

A truly special commission;

- for you, a tribute to yourself, how you have overcome and achieved.
- for a loved one in need of a reminder of how incredible they are 
- for that friend in the process of restoring the person they used to be.
- to remember a loved one that you’ve lost.
- for a new parent(s) about to embark on a new journey!

My Method

After a brief private phone consultation we’ll set an appointment during which we can get to know one another (if you are based outside of London we can do this over Skype or Facetime) – The idea here is to make it personal, for many this chat is often found to be quite therapeutic. 

Using my ability to listen and connect with genuine empathy, my intention is to create something of absolute value. A beautiful reminder of the things learnt and strength found along the way. Something that makes people feel valued, courageous, positive, successful, free and full of love. The final piece will be something to be forever treasured, encapsulating the pure essence of everything we unearth during the consultation.

I may digitally record the conversation for my reference which would never be shared with anyone ever. We will also discuss the dimensions and format of the piece. 

I generally spend 2 - 4 weeks on a Biography Piece but times vary depending on the nature of the art. 

If the weight and size of the piece permits, your art will be personally hand delivered which once you have received, we can have a follow up chat about.

Get in touch: - 07903 486848

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