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SSRI Anti Depressants - Should you or should you not

Everyone has an opinion on this, whether they've used these or not. I'm not here to tell anyone what to and by no means am I a doctor even though I often secretly think I am : ) I can only talk about my thought process when considering these drugs.

I've been offered the choice to take SSRIs a few times over the years but have always strongly declined thinking it would be pointless. and not wanting to take a drug to try and 'fix' my mind.

My method of getting through anxiety and a 'troubled head' was to learn about it. ​​ Teaching myself, and understanding psychology has got me through my life so far. Understanding your mind, self-awareness and mindfulness is, in my opinion, the important factors in 'treating a mental issue.'

However this year it just wasn't enough. I knew I had to change something as doing the same thing over and over only to get the same result just didn't make sense. It also occurred to me that maybe I was lacking some key ingredient in my brain and needed something to kickstart the positivity.

So I went for it! It instantly knocked me out - I loved it! I did feel great having a clear mind for the first time ever! Although after a couple of weeks of drowsiness I really wanted to be able to have productive days. The lack of appetite made me more tired.

Anyway, after a few months of adjusting, I can say that it has helped me focus on what's important to me instead of dwell on unhelpful thoughts. Life has become hazy in a great way! But I'm sure it can just as quickly get frustrating not being on the ball.

The drawing above is a representation of how I've been feeling. Everything is seems blurred, not just vision, movement, sound, understanding.

SSRIs work by numbing your emotions; they don't make you happy or sad, you feel neither, pretty much emotionless.

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