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I used to get frustrated when I'd create a lousy piece of art after having put so much effort into it. But over the recent years, I've found that the pieces I like the most are the ones that I didn't think too hard to create. I let my hands do all the work and use the time to allow my mind to relax. Often pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

As a child, I was interested in ghosts, ghouls and the darkness with which they were associated. Tying in nicely with my interest in death and decay in all forms - rotting fruit, animal corpses, rusting metal.

At school, in addition to morbidity, I was intrigued by portraiture and fascinated by the countless ways in which artists represented the typical form. Exploring the colourful works of Picasso to the haunting work of Francis Bacon, it was difficult to have a favourite. For me, it was always important to learn how to get facial features in proportion - I can't honestly say I managed it, but I'm close enough. This now allows me to play around with the facial structure.

So far, my work has revolved around women; maybe it's because they are a representation of my alter ego or perhaps it's because I truly appreciate the female form. My interest in drawing the female form has been evident in my work from the get-go, as it was during my divorce that I threw myself into art, it was probably a subconsciously a form of therapy and incredibly enlightening.

No disrespect to men, they are, but there is something quite special about a woman. Especially with the resilience and strength we are, globally, so often forced to find. It has always seemed that women get the raw deal across many different cultures and they are just expected to deal with the situation they find themselves in.

Depth that of a person that's not always outwardly expressed

The darkness in my art comes from emotions that I used to feel that I had no choice but to suppress. My art attempts to reflect my sincere thoughts and feelings, whether its anger, pain, happiness, frustration or feeling numb.

Slowly evolving to include growth, sexuality, rebellion and exposing the depth of a person that we often don't get to see.

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