• Keena


Okay, so I'm keeping positive. I'm glad I'm alive and in some ways surprised myself. I didn't realise I had that kind of fight in me. It's been bloody hard! I'm so pleased to be finally home and have no idea when or how I'll be able to walk properly again, but again like I always tell myself - it could be a lot worse.

I do feel a bit of anger as I don't think I needed to get so weak. I had more muscle mass before I entered hospital it didn't make sense to deteriorate further while I was there.

Anyway yes, positive! I'm weak, frail, but can finally start to eat. It's certainly going to be a struggle putting on weight.

My body doesn't feel like mine, it's someone else I see in the mirror and if I allow myself to think about this I know that right now, I'll struggle to accept it.

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