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Hello and thanks for being here!

As you may well know if you’ve stumbled upon this, my name is Keena, and I'm an artist (along with a few other things). I’m both an 80's/90's kid from West London, trying my hand at pretty much everything...

For me, the idea of creating a blog used to be daunting, I mean it does come with a certain level of social anxiety. Thankfully, upon realising I will never be able to please everybody (and a few other philosophies), I may just have overcome my fear. The fact that I felt I may explode if I didn't start to get things out of my mind, also helped!

I guess the reasoning behind my writing is partly personal therapy, a written extension of my art. Over the years I've built up a mental database of my experiences and continue to learn from them. I believe that most negative experiences have something of value to take and nurture; strength, at the very least. By sharing my experiences, with the potential of connecting with even just one person, I'm averting my experiences from being in vain.

Up until now, my art has borne most of the burden of expressing what I'm feeling. I'm not the best writer, needless to say; I think I may have discovered yet another passion.

The ultimate goal here is to be me.

I hope my art or words can make a positive difference in any way or form.

Wish me luck!

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